BTS Movies 2022- List of All BTS Movies up to 2022, BTS in Cinemas

Does the number of BTS Movies in 2022 remain a frequently asked question? As of the year 2022, BTS has released five feature films. While the members of BTS are no strangers to the stage, they have yet to appear in an American movie. V made his acting debut with fellow Wooga Squad members Park Seo-Joon and Park Hyung-Sik in the 2016 Korean drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.

BTS Team & All Movies
BTS Team & All Movies

Previously, Jin acted in plays. So much new material from the band is coming out every month that fans might find it overwhelming to take in all at once. Not only did the films do very well internationally, but the documentaries and Netflix series did. Here, they will provide a timeline for identifying the BTS videos.

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Surprisingly, everyone knew nothing from the outset except the guys’ true identities regarding BTS. These days, followers are curious about every aspect of their lives. The only way to tell whether you’re still interested in BTS videos after seeing hours of film about the group members is to watch more. Yes, you have found the right spot. Keep reading for details on other shows and movies these actors have featured.

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Jung Book, V, Jimin, J Hope, Sugo, Jin, and RM are all seasoned musicians that debuted that same year. It is why there aren’t many BTS films on the list. However, the artists’ performances on this list will undeniably captivate you. The amount of BTS films deserves a tally.

How many movies have been released by BTS?

Check out this list of all the movies the band BTS has worked on presented below in chronological order.

Movie NameRelease Date
Burn the Stage15 November 2018
Bring the Soul7 August 2019
Break the Silence10 September 2020
Run BTS01 August 2015
Love Yourself in Seoul26 January 2019

#1 “Burn the Stage

The year 2018 saw the debut of this cinematic offering. The movie provides a helpful introduction to knowing each member’s persona in their own right. Following the accomplishments of the band and their global tour in 2017, The fans of the BTS members, who are still uncertain of members’ abilities as performers, are taken to the next level by this movie. In this movie, the artists have a hard time living up to the standards set by their followers and remaining relevant in their field. Their Korean performance in 2017 took home the Billboard Music Award for Best World Music Album. Because of this movie, they could win over the hearts of their devotees and supporters.

#2 “Bring the Soul

The 2019 film Bring the Soul is the next one on the list, and it was only just released. Following the release of the first movie in 2018, the cast and crew continued their globe tour. Following this, the movie revealed the band to be an international superstar. While they were filming this movie, the cast and crew were acutely conscious of the expectations their followers or audience had set. As a result, they appropriately filmed the movie. When this movie was released, the BTS band members were even more terrified. The movie also focuses on the foot injury that Jungkook suffered, which prevented him from dancing after it happened. In addition, the other group members were also working hard to secure their spots on tour.

#3 “Break the Silence” Persona: The Movie: A Shattering End to the Silence

The movie Break the Silence: Persona was released during the epidemic outbreak. It is also the last film release from the band for the foreseeable future. The documentary film discusses the rise to stardom of the members of BTS experiences while on tour. Currently doing arena gigs in prominent urban locations, all of which have been sold out.

The seven people have begun to get used to the enormous admiration that they have received. This video features some live performances, one being the gathering’s concert at Wembley Stadium in London. Additional, prominent artists to participate in the exhibition. Be there as BTS completely obliterates an ocean of fans from various countries with their unrivalled stage presence and enormous fantastic ability.

In the end, it is possible to conclude that the members of BTS have three movies in their bucket. The fans have shown overwhelming support for every BTS movie. In addition to appearing in films, the members of BTS have also participated in documentary series and theatre productions. The following is a collection of the most notable stage performances and documentaries that the BTS group has produced.

# 4 “Run BTS”

The documentary series Run BTS was first made available to viewers in 2015, and the show continues to broadcast new episodes. The Run BTS creators develop several games, challenges, and contests in the movie. The group should go through them to win incredible prizes like an amen cooker, gift cheques, or even a sim. They fight against being subjected to humiliating penalties such as wearing hanboks in public places like airports on many occasions. The airport terminals where paparazzi are known to throng the hallways or climb a mountain very early in the morning.

#5 “Love Yourself in Seoul”

Following their WINGS global tour’s success, BTS will perform again as part of their Love Yourself world tour. The last act is a reenactment of their execution in their previous neighbourhood in Seoul. In their opinion you may have heard long-time fans state that BTS concerts are exceptional. This concert clip takes you behind the scenes of their performance in the Jamsil Olympic Stadium so that you may experience it all yourself. You’ll see incredible versions of the band’s greatest songs and solo pieces.

BTS in the Soop and Bon Voyage are two other well-known stage performances and documentary series included on the list. They all won the favour and affection of those who listened and watched. In fact, “In the Soop” is a culinary program in which the participants produce trademark dishes they really like.

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Every movie on the BTS list has been mentioned in this article. They have built a reputation for themselves over the last eight years thanks to their tenacity, talent, and abilities. They have been featured on various reality programs and foreign tours, where they have garnered several awards.

They make it a point to provide their very best in every one of their performances. BTS has created some reality shows, movies, and documentaries in which the entire seven members of the group participate in various challenges and activities, as well as footage from behind the scenes of multiple tours. Despite this, BTS has only produced four films up to this point.

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