3 GCU students died in a car crash: Check What Happened?

In a horrific multi-vehicle wrong-way collision close to New River, three GCU students perished. The sources state that the incident happened near a section of the I-17 in the region. The three girls who perished in the accident have been identified as roommates from Grand Canyon University. Continue reading to learn more about the sad incident. 

How GCU Students Killed in the Crash?

When a wrong-way motorist traveling southbound struck a car carrying GCU students heading northbound, four vehicles were involved. According to Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical, three passengers had to be pulled from their cars, and a total of four people were sent to the hospital. According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, reports about a driver traveling the incorrect way on Interstate 17, which is located approximately 30 miles (48.28 kilometers) north of Phoenix, came in around 4 a.m. on Monday.

GCU Students
Magdalyn “Maggie” Ogden ,Hunter Balberdi , Abriauna Hoffman

The automobile was driving the opposite way and was in the northbound lanes. It struck three cars in the collision. Three Grand Canyon University students who also shared a suite were in one of the vehicles. Two of them perished there and then. The third victim died from her wounds after being transported to the hospital. 

Balberdi was a pre-med student studying biology who came from Wailuku, Hawaii. Ogden, a native of Clarkston, Washington, shared a career and educational path with her roommate Balberdi. Hoffman studied marketing and advertising and is also from Clarkston. Before they were tragically slain in a car accident, the three of them had their entire lives ahead of them.

What did the university say?

The university posted on its Facebook page to confirm the deaths of three students:

We share with you the news that three GCU students died this morning as a result of an accident involving a wrong-way driver with heavy hearts and much sadness. Abriauna Hoffman, Hunter Balberdi, and Magdalyn “Maggie” Ogden were the three GCU students that were roommates in the Diamondback Apartments as freshmen. Each student’s next of kin have been informed.

We ask that you keep their families and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this trying time and know that God is always there for us as the GCU family comes together to mourn the awful death of these students.

For any students who require help or counseling, the Office of Student Care personnel is accessible on the second floor of the Student Life Building (Bldg. 26 – 602-639-7007 or studentcare@gcu.edu).

Adriana Chechik broke her back on 9 Oct: What happened? 

Unknown injuries were sustained by the alleged wrong-way driver who was taken to the hospital. The two other automobiles’ drivers did not sustain major wounds. The cause of the collision is being looked into. No other information was made available right away.

Tributes from friends and Family 

Juanita said on Facebook, I send my deepest condolences and prayers to each of their families, loved ones, friends, and fellow GCU students/teachers.

Dorothy said, So sorry for the loss of these three young people, prayers for the families and friends, we don’t understand why this happens, but God has a reason, we will know all the answers when we get to heaven. God bless each one.

Amanda said, Wow, praying for the family and friends of these amazing kids. Not long ago when I was a student we had a similar incident where we lost three GCU students to the same kind of crash. Hoping GCU/Phoenix can bring awareness so we can have better signs/Alerts that people are going the wrong way.

Yadira Luis said This is heartbreaking! Something similar happened 5 years ago. So tragic. My prayers go out to all these families.

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