Adriana Chechik broke her back on 9 Oct: What happened? 

After diving into a foam pit at the most recent TwitchCon in San Diego, California, Adriana Chechik recently suffered two back fractures. A foam pit is among the activities at TwitchCon, which got started on Friday and go till Sunday night.

About Adriana Chechik : 

Adriana Chechik, who turned 30 this year, was born on November 4th, 1991. She was raised in foster care in Pennsylvania and frequently changed residences. She also claimed in one of her videos that her family used to look after her and that she had lived with her best friend’s family for a considerable amount of time. Additionally, Miss Adriana, who was living with her best friend at the time in the foster care system, lost her virginity to the sister of that friend.

Adriana Chechik

Career :

Before entering the entertainment industry, Adriana Chechik worked as a stripper at Scarlett’s Cabaret in Hallandale Beach, Florida. There, a man offered them entry into the industry, but her friend declined. As a result, Adriana Chechik began working in the industry while her best friend continued to strip. She is being honest when she says that she loved horror films and chose the last name of her favorite horror movie director David Chechik and the first name Adriana on the talent list.

What is TwitchCon?

TwitchCon is a two-a-year gathering of streamers and supporters that takes place in both North America and Europe. The live event was moved to 2020 and streamed online because of Covid. After a two-year hiatus, TwitchCon Amsterdam took place in July, and it currently takes place in San Diego.

According to sources, the foam pit is not a Twitch programme but rather the result of a partnership between Intel and Lenovo. Whether the aggrieved parties would obtain compensation is still up in the air. Users must sign a waiver acknowledging the risk of personal injury or property damage before entering the foam pit. At noon following this occurrence, the foam pit was closed.

What happened to Adriana in TwitchCon?

In the video of the incident, Adriana stumbles backward before crying out in agony and pleading for assistance. Adriana Chechik, a well-known Twitch Livestream and adult performer claimed she hurt her back after jumping into a foam pit at TwitchCon in San Diego.

In the video, Chechik and a gaming streamer named EdyBot are shown engaging in a “Face Off” above the foam pit while using foam “swords” as weapons. After that, EdyBot is seen tumbling into the hole. Chechik wins the face-off, does an air split, and jumps up and down in celebration before falling on her tailbone into a pit of foam blocks.

Adriana Chechik

After engaging in a fight in the Gladiators-style on a few elevated platforms, streamers have begun jumping into the pit. Many of them have reportedly sustained serious injuries, according to reports.

The video provided by Clippy Chimp shows Adriana Chechik jumping off a little platform, breaking her legs, landing on her back, rolling over, and expressing her inability to get up. This injury is the most severe, as can be seen. Following, an announcer enquired as to her well-being. She can’t get out of the pit, though.

She was struggling. “Well, I fractured my back in two places and am getting surgery to put a meter rod in for support today,” Chechik tweeted following the incident. Send your assistance. When it rains, it really pours, and I can certainly feel the rain now.

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Her buddy EdyBot, who was also seen jumping in the video, made a request for more people to come forward after she was hurt. In addition to suffering from a dislocated knee, EdyBot stated that other people also suffered from back pain in the same pit.

How did Adriana break her back?

Adriana Chechik has more than 3.8 million Instagram followers and 801,000 Twitch subscribers who watch videos of her performing stunts, playing video games, and producing ASMR content.

According to the evidence, the pit foam is excessively deep and causes a number of occurrences. The pit’s shallow depth, according to spectators like EdyBot and Grayson, may have caused injuries. Grayson asserts that “the pit itself goes down roughly a foot,” whereas EdyBot describes the hole as being “like three cubes deep.”

According to gymnastics, foam pits typically have a trampoline foundation and can be anywhere between 4 and 8 feet deep. The area has been made off-limits to all visitors, according to the representative, as we work with the event’s organizers to look into the incidents. The video footage demonstrates that a foam pit is designed to consume people, however, these individuals instantly rebound strongly after landing. However, the event’s organizers have provided no reason.

Social Media Response to her :

MrPovner tweeted,

So can’t even make a foam pit without hurting their creators. Adriana Chechik has broken her back at #TwitchCon

Dani/cipher tweeted,

Replying to @adrianachechik please take legal action, this was very irresponsible on their part. I hope you record fast and well!!

Lord Edge tweeted,

@Sweetiechick23 and @adrianachechik She jumped into a foam pit at Twitchcon, but it turned out they didn’t bother to pad the bottom properly so she essentially landed on hard concrete. So basically negligence on the part of the con.

Sonny Bauer tweeted,

The foam pit setup at #TwitchCon2022 is beyond irresponsible, unsafe, and negligent. Now, Adriana Chechik has potential life-altering injuries, breaking her back in two places. Someone else broke or dislocated their knee as well? This could have been completely avoided.

Sweeney the silly Spook tweeted,

I’ve seen Adriana Chechik take some pretty hard things, but she gets her back broken at TwitchCon?! What is happening?!

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