Brian Laundrie: Suspect in murder of Gabby Petito Explained 

In August 2021, as they were about to go across the country by van, an American woman named Gabby Petito was killed by her fiancé, Brian Laundrie. Petito was meant to be gone for four months when the adventure began on July 2, 2021, but he left in late August instead. The case garnered extensive media coverage as a result of the Petito couple’s social media activity, police body camera footage, 9-1-1 emergency dispatch call recordings, and eyewitness evidence.

Now that a serious inquiry has begun into the murder of Gabby Petito, the cause of her death has been made public. The complete history of this case is shown here in great detail. Let’s look more closely at Who is Brian Laundrie and the complete background of this case.

Report on the Gabby Petito case 

TAMPA, Florida – The FBI’s final report on the Gabby Petito case claims that Brian Laundrie confessed to killing her in a notebook that was found nearby.

The Petito family met with FBI investigators in Tampa, according to the statement released on Friday afternoon because the probe will be over “shortly.”

In addition to finding Brian, Laundries remains in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, detectives reportedly discovered a bag, a revolver, and a notepad, according to the agency’s timeline of the investigation. 

Brian Laundrie

A review of the notebook revealed Mr. Laundrie’s written statements asserting responsibility for Ms. Petito’s killing, according to the FBI.

“All appropriate investigation processes have been completed in this incident,” claims FBI Denver Division Special Agent in Charge Michael Schneider. “The FBI’s principal goal throughout the investigation was to bring justice to Gabby and her family. Other than Brian Laundrie, no other people were discovered to have had a direct hand in the tragic death of Gabby Petito.

Four months after Petito’s daughter was killed, and one day after the family had returned to Florida to meet with the FBI, a statement was released.

The Laundries and the Petitos have arranged how the couple’s property will be divided if they are freed by law enforcement, according to a lawyer for Brian Laundrie’s parents who spoke to Fox News Digital on Thursday. 

Gabby Petito’s cause of death 

At a news conference on October 12, 2021, a medical examiner ruled that Petito had been strangled. The full autopsy results were made public more than three weeks after her demise was discovered in Grand Teton National Park.

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Teton County Coroner Brent Blue is forbidden to provide many specifics of the autopsy due to Wyoming state law, and he won’t specify whether Petito was strangled personally or whether an item was used. She had been deceased for three to four weeks, he did, however, disclose. He added that Petito wasn’t expecting a child at the time of her death.

The young woman’s pals talked to PEOPLE after it was reported that Petito had been fatally strangled.

It gives Alyssa Chen the stomach flu, she claimed. “I wonder what she was thinking when she knew she was probably about to die. She had to be so terrified.

“Whoever did this, whether it was Brian or another else, ought to pay for what they did,” Chen continued. She wasn’t due to pass away in that manner.

Ben Matula, a friend of the couple, expressed his desire that Brian would burn in hell if he had strangled the woman. All I have to say is that.

Following the coroner’s report, Steven Bertolino, Laundrie’s attorney, called Petito’s passing “at such a young age” a “tragedy.”

Family Petito issues a statement 

Shortly after the FBI made its announcement, Gabby Petito’s family thanked law enforcement for their work in investigating the disappearance and murder of their daughter.

Through Richard B. Stafford, the family’s lawyer, the family wrote:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, particularly Wyoming, Denver, New York, and Tampa offices, as well as all of the task force members and supporting organizations, are gratefully acknowledged by Gabby’s family.

The FBI’s Victim Services Division has helped Gabby’s family tremendously, and they would want to express their gratitude.

Victim Services has been there for support throughout this inquiry, guiding the family through some of the most trying times.

We appreciate the FBI’s meticulous work on this incredibly challenging case. There is no question that Brian Laundrie murdered Gabby based on the caliber and volume of facts and information gathered by the FBI.

What happened to Brian Laundrie? 

Laundrie’s parents, Chris and Roberta, travel to Florida to see the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. After a cursory search off of a route that he was known to frequent, some of Laundrie’s belongings are found. The Laundrie family’s lawyer, Steven Bertolino, subsequently confirms this.

In a video FOX News Digital acquired, The Laundries and a law enforcement official can be seen talking and huddling. The cop seems to be displaying an unknown find to the couple. The officer appears to tell the parents, “I think we might have found something.”

A coroner then appears in the park. A spokeswoman for the agency claims that the Sarasota County Medical Examiner’s Office was notified, but she will not go into further detail.

The day before, the park was briefly reopened to the general public; today, it is once more closed. Authorities later acknowledged that they had found Laundrie’s luggage and notebook at the park. They claimed that the objects had been submerged before their discovery.

Authorities assert that they have also found human remains, but they have not yet been recognized because it may take days to evaluate the potential evidence.

The case is closed after Laundrie’s identification by the FBI

The FBI revealed on January 21, 2022, that a notebook found adjacent to Laundrie’s remains had a written confession in which Laundrie claimed responsibility for the killing of his fiancée.

Other than Brian Laundrie, who was directly involved in Gabby Petito’s tragic death, no one else was determined to be linked in the case, according to the inquiry, which was concluded by FBI Denver Division Special Agent in Charge Michael Schneider.

Officials named Laundrie as the lone individual connected to Petito’s murder, putting an end to the months-long inquiry that engulfed the country.

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