BTS Members Age, Zodiac Sign, & Birthday Date 2022

BTS Members Age Details, All BTS Members’ Zodiac Sign – Check out Birthday Date of BTS Army Members along with Age in 2022.

Everyone has a favorite member of BTS, even though they’re all talented. It’s OK to have a bias against any member of BTS, whether it’s RM, Suga, Jimin, V, Jungkook, J-Hope, or Jin. Set the wedding date if you have your bias’s picture on your lock screen, know twenty random things about them, and have listened to every one of their solo singles. However, to see whether you and your potential future partner are compatible, you should check out the zodiac signs of each member of BTS below.

Millions of fans all across the globe consider BTS to be the most famous and successful band ever. Those interested in the ages of the individual members of BTS in 2022 may find that information here. Read on to find out how old the members of BTS will be in the year 2022. BTS is the most famous and popular group in K-pop fandom. His worldwide fan base has been his primary support and encouragement throughout his career.

All BTS Members Age, Birthday &  zodiac sign
All BTS Member’s Ages, Birthdays & Zodiac sign

The BTS fanbase, known as the BTS Army, eagerly awaits news regarding the group members at the ripe old age of 2022. In this way, fans can better anticipate when their favorite BTS members will reach adulthood in 2022.

All BTS Member’s Age, Birth Sign, and Birthday

BTS MembersDate Of BirthAgeZodiac Sign
JinDecember 04, 199230 YearsSagittarius
SugaMarch 09, 199329 YearsPisces
J-HopeFebruary 18, 199428 YearsAquarius
RMSeptember 12, 199428 YearsVirgo
JiminOctober 13, 199527 YearsLibra
VDecember 30, 199527 YearsCapricorn
JungkookSeptember 01, 199725 YearsVirgo


Are you still trying to find out whether there’s any way to find out when Jin’s birthday is from BTS? Jin is 30 years old, having entered the world on December 4, 1992. The most entertaining member of BTS. Jin was born under the sign of Sagittarius, which is often regarded as one of the zodiac’s most excellent and beloved signs. He now serves as Jupiter’s ruler.

BTS Member Jin

Jin is a talkative, active, and interested young man. He views travel as an opportunity to learn about other cultures and ideologies. Jin never puts any restrictions on himself in pursuit of his goals. Also, Jin has acting chops to spare. He just opened a Japanese restaurant in South Korea along with his sibling.


On March 09, a secret member of BTS will celebrate their birthday. He entered this world in 1993. He’s just 29, yet you’d never know it to see how he performs. Suga is a leader who has also achieved success as a solo artist.

BTS Member Suga Details
BTS Member Suga Details (Image Source – Facebook)

Because Pisces is his zodiac sign, Suga has wonderful traits like receptivity, sympathy, and vulnerability. The contribution of $88,000 and 329 BT21 Shooky dolls provides more insight into his character and personality. On his special day, he gave to the Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Because he cares so much about young people’s psychological well-being, he is sometimes referred to as the prejudice wrecker.


Remember when J-Hope sang, “I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-Hope.” J-birthday Hope’s is February 18, 1994, making her age 28 today. This star is associated with the Aquarius zodiac sign. This symbol will reflect his outgoing nature. J-Hope is a fantastic dancer with a quirky personality and boundless energy. When he won a national dancing competition, he suddenly became famous. Optimistic and a natural helper, he is a joy to be around.

J-Hope BTS Member
J-Hope BTS Member – Image Source

Uniqueness, intellect, and idiosyncrasy all come together in J-Hope, making her an ideal person. J-Hope was well-known before joining BTS, thanks to his victory in a national dancing competition. J-Hope is a typical Aquarius in that she takes great pleasure in being of service to others. As he told Time, “It’d be amazing to become a part of someone’s inner tranquility via my music.”

RM (Kim Namjoon)

Kim Namjoon, better known by his moniker RM, entered the world on September 12, 1994, an Autumnal day. If RM shared their zodiac sign with the Virgos, they’d be overjoyed. It indicates that Mercury is his planetary ruler. According to his rap verses, Virgos have a strong command of the written and spoken word. According to the English-language interviews, this 28-year-old member of BTS is also the most excellent translator the band has.

Kim Namjoon BTS Member RM
Kim Namjoon BTS Member RM (Image Source- Pinterest)

In addition, other BTS members have often shown an interest in picking RM’s brain. Since he’s been with the band from the beginning, he naturally takes on the role of leader. The planet Mercury rules the Virgo constellation; hence those born under this sign tend to have excellent verbal and written communication skills. That makes sense, considering RM has written some dope rap verses. He was included on XXL’s “10 Korean Rappers You Should Know” list in 2017.


Jimin of BTS was born on October 13, in case you were wondering. Being a Libra, his birthday is September 24, and his astrological sign is Libra. This Libra man, who is 27 years old, is under Venus’s sway. Characteristics like nobility, refinement, and allure are present in him. His current dancing style indicates that his home planet is the master of aesthetics.

Jimin BTS Information
Jimin BTS Information (Image Source –

He has won the hearts of many with his dance skills. Outside of this, Jimin also has a kind side. His $88,000 offering of school supplies, including uniforms, reveals his softer side. He also autographed CDs of his work. Also, he has helped the Busan Department of Education’s low-income kids.

V (Kim Tae-Hyung)

Kim Tae-stage Hyung’s name is V. His birthday is December 30, 1995. Capricorn is his zodiac sign; at 27 years old, he is not a child. His horoscope is a dead-on depiction of his behavior and character. V has an undeniable charm and a strong work ethic.

V BTS Member Details
V BTS Member Details (Image Source- IMDB)

Given this, he is the epitome of the Capricorn sign or a striking contrast. V’s acting skills are just as promising as his musical ones. Many well-known people look up to Kim Tae-Hyung, including Jaehyun and Byun Hyun-min. He has a strong sense of ambition and is naturally diligent. It may take some time for you to put a name to V’s voice.


He was wondering when Jungkook’s birthday is in BTS. The Golden Maknae’s birthday is September 01, 1997. Now 25 years old, he has reached a significant milestone in his life. There’s yet another Virgo in the crew. He embodies every Virgo prerequisite. He’s the youngest member of the group, but he’s already earned a lot of respect for his contributions. Jungkook has recorded episodes of a YouTube series and performed on camera with BTS for several of their hit singles.

BTS Jungkook quick info
BTS Jungkook quick info (Image Source –

He was the mind behind BTS’s Life Goes On album. Drummed for BTS’s signature live act, Dynamite. Many entertainment businesses tracked Jungkook before he joined the band. Instead, he joined Big Hit after stumbling into RM. After deciding to go to Seoul, South Korea, to pursue his goal of becoming an idol trainee, Jungkook uprooted his life from Busan. Before joining BTS, Jungkook dedicated much Time to improving his dancing abilities. He’s the kind to put in long hours because he wants to see results.

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