TO Combat HIV/AIDS Stigma, the #FeelNoShame campaign has been launched (Feel No Shame)

The introduction-Feel No Shame:-The virus that causes AIDS, HIV, is thought to infect 35 million individuals globally, including 1.2 million in the United States.  Celebrities Prince Harry, Joss Stone, and Nicole Scherzinger joined hundreds in adopting the hashtag #FeelNoShame (Feel No Shame campaign) to share their secrets on social media to start a debate about … Read more

Archie Battersbee Accident: His Fight for Life vs. Death and the tragic fate he faced

Archie Battersbee Accident-he was a young 12 years old British boy, who was leading a normal life until he is faced with a life-altering event. Archie Batterbee was born on 10 March 2010 in Southend, Essex – England, a jovial and bubbly boy who had a brother Tom and a sister, Lauren. Their neighbors describe them … Read more

Jay Swingler Vs Cherdleys betting: Who will win? Check here

The Misfits Boxing program’s Jay Swingler vs. Cherdleys battle will be the one with the highest level of anticipation. British internet phenom Jay Swingler will face American YouTuber Cherdleys at Misfits Boxing’s second major event. You can find all the details you need about the event here.  Who is Jay Swingler?  In 2018, Jay Swingler … Read more

Terra Durbin & 8-year-old Daughter Karman Die in a Car Crash

Terra Durbin, a woman from Peoria, Illinois, and Karman, her 8-year-old daughter, died in a horrific vehicle accident near Quincy. Continue reading to learn more about the mother-daughter duo’s fatal unexpected vehicle accident, including how, when, and where it occurred. Stephanie Wright, Terra’s sister, has confirmed that her sister and niece died in the bizarre … Read more

 Adriana Chechik broke her back on 9 Oct: What happened? 

After diving into a foam pit at the most recent TwitchCon in San Diego, California, Adriana Chechik recently suffered two back fractures. A foam pit is among the activities at TwitchCon, which got started on Friday and go till Sunday night. About Adriana Chechik :  Adriana Chechik, who turned 30 this year, was born on … Read more

Where can I buy Elon Musk Burnt Hair perfume? : Check here

Elon Musk encourages fans to purchase the $8.4K “Burnt Hair” fragrance so he can buy Twitter. Check out the online URL and store locations for Elon Musk’s Burnt Hair perfume in this article. Elon Musk’s Burnt Hair perfume   What does the fragrance “Burnt Hair” by Musk mean? It is referred to as “the essence of … Read more

Botswana Footballer Lesenya Ramoraka Dies at age 28

Lesenya Ramoraka, a football player for Botswana, was killed on Tuesday in a horrific vehicle accident in his own nation. Continue reading to learn how Lesenya Ramoraka passed away, what happened to him, and what caused his passing. Just 28 years old, Ramoraka. He formerly played left defender for Orapa United, TS Galaxy, and Highlands … Read more

Elmar Jemida: Suspect Killer In The Death Of A Teacher In Naga

Elmar Jemida killed a high school teacher on Sunday in Naga City, Cebu. A teacher who came to work on a weekend was find dead in the school’s stockroom. His name was Jhun Leo Paares. Let’s examine the culprit, Elmar Jemida, and the specifics of what occurred. Who is Elmar Jemida?  The culprit was identify … Read more

Chief Garone Derry police dies after a 58-year career 

After a 58-year tenure, Derry’s longtime police chief Edward B. Garone passes away. Let’s examine his manner of death and the Derry police chief’s cause of death in greater depth. How did Edward B. Garone die?  Authorities have announced that the recently-retired police chief Edward Garone passed away on Tuesday. Garone was in charge of … Read more

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