Chief Garone Derry police dies after a 58-year career 

After a 58-year tenure, Derry’s longtime police chief Edward B. Garone passes away. Let’s examine his manner of death and the Derry police chief’s cause of death in greater depth.

How did Edward B. Garone die? 

Authorities have announced that the recently-retired police chief Edward Garone passed away on Tuesday. Garone was in charge of the Derry police for 50 years. Chief George Feole reported that Garone passed away following a protracted illness after taking over on September 30. His wife Blanche and numerous other family members were by his side. 

Before becoming the police chief in Derry, Garone worked for Lebanon, New Hampshire, Police Department. Starting on October 15, 1964, he worked there. His two surviving children are Vicky Moran, his daughter, and Michael Garone, his son. Hundreds of family members and neighbors gathered to celebrate Garone’s accomplishments before his retirement last month. He started working in Derry at the age of 29.

During his 50 years as police chief, he transformed the Derry Police Department into the professional organization it is today, Feole continued. From 20 full-time police officers and 7 specials when it initially began, it now has 59 full-time policemen, 15 civilians, and 4 part-time personnel.

Chief Garone
Derry police Edward B. Garone die after a 58-year career

He referred to Garone’s five decades of leadership as “a milestone we have never attained before and probably won’t see accomplished again.” In June, the police station received the Edward B. Garone Building in his honor.

Chief Edward B. Garone 50 years journey

It is excellent that you have 50 years of police service. Serving as the department head for fifty years is even more noteworthy. On June 1st, 2022, Chief Edward B. Garone will mark his 50th anniversary with the New Hampshire Town of Derry Police Department.

When taking into account Chief Garone’s ultimate goal of being fair and equitable—and contemplating how he would like to be treated in situations, whether dealing with a suspect or victim or managing a labor issue—it is not as difficult to see why he stayed for such a long time.

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Vermont-born Chief Garone joined the US Marine Corps in August 1961. Following boot camp at Parris Island in South Carolina, he completed a 16-month tour in Iwakuni, Japan. After that mission, he returned to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. His three-year term of office ended on August 31, 1964.

When his Marine Corps active career was over, Chief Garone wished to go on helping the people. He returned to his wife’s home on October 15, 1964, where he took his oath of office. While working for the Lebanon, New Hampshire, police department, Garone rose to the position of captain. However, after serving for seven and a half years, he started to hunt for more important leadership positions.

Chief of Police

On June 1st, 1972, Head Garone took over as the Derry Police Department’s chief of police. Not even thirty. Since his appointment, he has transformed the Derry Police Department into the current entity.

From 20 full-time police and 7 specialists when it initially began, it now has 59 full-time officers, 15 civilians, and 4 part-time personnel. He has played a key role in ensuring that the department receives the most modern and effective equipment, technology, and training.

The most significant criminal investigation that the chief oversaw was the Pamela Smart case, which made national headlines in 1990.

When Pamela Smart began dating William “Billy” Flynn, who was 15 years old at the time, she was a former high school media coordinator.

On May 1, Flynn broke into Gregory and Pamela Smart’s home and shot Gregory Smart in the head.

Despite her protestations, Smart was judged responsible for first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the chance of release.

He had a significant role in the establishment of the Southern New Hampshire Special Operations Force, the state of New Hampshire’s first regional special operations organization. The squad was created to teach police officers from local agencies how to handle high-risk circumstances including besieged individuals and active shooter scenarios.

Additionally, the group currently provides services to 13 agencies in southern New Hampshire, an increase from the initial six local units. He has served as the chairman of the board of directors for this division ever since the company was established in 2000.

Chief Garone has been actively involved in the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police since being elevated to the chief (NHACOP). He advanced through the chairs and was elected president in 1981.

Tributes to Chief Edward : 

The Derry Police Department :

Garone first started as a police officer back in 1964 at the Lebanon Police Department.\“I was honored to commemorate Chief Garone’s 50 years as Derry’s Police Chief celebrating his lifelong career of community service,” Senate President Chuck Morse said. “We are saddened by this loss but take comfort in knowing Chief Garone’s legacy will undoubtedly be remembered through his lasting contributions and sacrifice to the town of Derry.”Then in 1972, he became chief of police in Derry where he served until he retired a week and a half ago. 


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