Football Indonesia Match :174 People Dead After Riot

After a football game yesterday night in Indonesia, sad events took place that resulted in the deaths of 174 people and the catastrophic injuries of numerous others as a disturbance broke out inside the stadium and corpses were crushed in the stampede. Find out what led to the bizarre violence in a football stadium.

The violence at the Indonesian football match has been decried by FIFA’s president as a “sad day” in the sport’s history. The number of fatalities is expected to increase as more bodies are identified.

After the Indonesia Football Match Hundreds were killed & Injured in Stampede

On Saturday, October 1, 2022, after their team’s match against Persebaya Surabaya ended in a 3-2 defeat, fighting broke out at the Kanjuruhan stadium in Malang, Indonesia’s East Java region.

Police personnel used tear gas to try and contain the situation after the fans of the losing home club invaded the playing surface in the Kanjuruhan stadium. But it backfired, and the brawl descended into a stampede that claimed the lives of hundreds of spectators.

The violence during the Indonesia game match resulted in at least 174 fatalities and numerous other injuries. On social media, the video from the catastrophe has gone viral.

The videos show how frightened spectators were trampled and crushed while attempting to run during the violence, and other people also perished from suffocation. Fans were spotted charging toward the center of the field while being beaten by uniformed police with batons and riot shields. Due to the terrible conditions inside the stadium, many people were observed carrying their unconscious friends as they passed out.

Police Fired Tear Gas Inside the Kanjuruhan Stadium

After the local club lost a crucial game to fierce rivals, a riot broke out inside the Kanjuruhan stadium as angry fans vented their frustration. As they advanced near the field’s centre, they started to damage the stadium’s infrastructure.

To manage the situation, the police fired numerous rounds of tear gas, which caused the violence to erupt into a rush that killed hundreds of people and injured countless others. A spectator at the stadium claims that the authorities shot more than 20 times at the crowd with tear gas.

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The victims of the sad accident suffered head injuries, brain damage, and suffocation before passing away. A five-year-old boy from the East Java province was also among the dead.

FIFA President Releases a Statement on Tragic Indonesia Football Match Violence

Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, has decried the horrible violence that occurred in Indonesia during a football game and described it as a “sad day” in football history. The full statement from FIFA President is as follows:

The tragic events that occurred in Indonesia after the match between Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya at the Kanjuruhan Stadium have shocked the football world, according to FIFA President Gianni Infantino.


“Today is a tragic day for everyone associated with football, and it is beyond comprehension. The families and relatives of the victims who passed away as a result of this unfortunate occurrence have my sincere sympathies, he continued.

In this difficult moment, the people of the Republic of Indonesia, the Asian Football Confederation, the Indonesian Football Association, and the Indonesian Football League are all in each other’s thoughts and prayers, along with FIFA and the entire football community.

Football World Mourning for the Loss

The tragedy that occurred in Indonesia during a football match violence that claimed 174 lives has shocked the its community. Players and supporters are offering their sympathies to the families of the deceased while grieving their loss.

For the victims of the tragic stadium catastrophe in Indonesia, Spanish teams will likewise observe a minute of silence before kickoff in the remaining matches this weekend.

FIFA has opened an investigation into the horrific occurrence, one of the worst stadium mishaps in recorded history. FIFA is awaiting a report from the Indonesian Football Association.

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