John Perkins Former Managing Director Of IRN died on 10 Sep 

Independent Radio News (IN previous )’s managing director, John Perkins, passed away. Perkins’ daughter Polly tweeted that her “beautiful, charming, compassionate, caring, justice driven, horticulture mad Father passed away in our arms this morning.” His family announced this on September 10, 2022.

Perkins began his long and prosperous radio career in 1974 as a reporter and rose swiftly through the ranks. He was active in commercial radio from its inception and played a significant role in its growth. Before resigning as IRN’s MD in 2009, he held the position for 20 years.

 John Perkins Success Story 

He assisted in the establishment of Radio City in Liverpool in 1974, which swiftly rose to prominence as one of the nation’s most listened-to commercial radio stations. He later advanced to the position of managing editor at LBC. He was able to provide commercial radio stations with a far less expensive alternative for receiving their news by establishing a network of reporters who could share their tales. By ensuring that stations could generate money, he also developed a viable model for commercial radio news. Because of his work, IRN now serves over 300 stations nationwide and is the go-to source for commercial radio news.

John Perkins

On #radiomomentconversations, John Perkins has shared his narrative.

Reason for His Death

Polly Perkins, John Perkins’ daughter, commented on the news of his passing. John Perkins’ daughter Polly Perkins shared an emotional tweet on Twitter. “My sweet, compassionate, caring, justice-obsessed, horticulturally insane father passed away in our arms today,” she wrote. What it means for me to have a heavy soul is something I now comprehend. Goodbye, Dad. We cherish you.

She kept quiet about why he passed very suddenly. Why he passed very unexpectedly cannot be explained.

We have been closely monitoring this information. Any fresh information will be released as soon as we can. We feel bad for his family because they are going through a terrible period.

After John Perkins passed away, a lot of well-known people posted condolences on social media. See what individuals had to say about John Perkins’ passing by reading the following.

Adriana Chechik broke her back on 9 Oct

Perkins was a fierce supporter of accurate news reporting and was instrumental in establishing the norms for radio journalism. He was a well-known journalist who would be sadly missed by everyone who knew him. During this trying moment, we are thinking of his family.

Tributes to him 

 Polly Perkins :

My lovely, sweet, kind, caring, justice-driven, horticultural mad Father passed away in our arms this morning. I finally understand what it means to have a heavy heart. Sleep well Dad. We love you x.

RadioToday UK :

Former IRN Managing Director John Perkins has died, his family has announced.

Simon Bates :

John Perkins has died. So many wonderful stories, none of which should die with him.

Paul Rowley :

John did the opening day lead story – a council exclusive – when Radio City (Liverpool) came on air this month in 1974 setting the standard as its first Local Government Editor. I did the same job 8 years later + in 1987 he invited me to join IRN as Political Correspondent RIP JP

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