Korean Artist Kim Jung Gi Died at the Age of 47 : Check Here

We regret to inform you of the passing of Kim Jung Gi, one of the most renowned illustrators and artists of our time.

Incredibly detailed paintings and artwork by Jung Gi were well-known for their amazing views. Hyun Jin Kim, with whom he co-founded the art studio KiKiGon, was a frequent collaborator.

The work of Jung Gi has appeared in media such as books, periodicals, and exhibitions all across the world. The coveted Grand Prize at the Leipzig Book Fair in 2006 was one of many honors he received.

Who is Kim Jung Gi?

KIM, his family name, is a Korean artist who was born in Goyang-Si, a city in the province of Kyongki-Do, in 1975. (South Korea). He enrolled at the Fine Arts School when he was 19 and declared “Art & Design” as his major. He completed his three years of study at Dong-Eui University in Busan, South Korea. 

Although this university is well known for its technical programmes, the 23 000 other students who were enrolled there at the same time as he may have given him some useful inspiration. He spent more than two years in the army, just like every other male in Korea. He was a member of the Special Forces, which gave him the opportunity to learn a staggering array of vehicles and weapons.

If you’ve never heard of him, I’ll take a chance and attempt to sum him up in one sentence: he is without a doubt one of the world’s top graphic designers!

Kim Jung Gi

 But how can I say this when there is so much talent available on the Internet in every nook and cranny? It is simple: artists themselves are to blame! KIM Jung Gi has a devoted following throughout Korea, Japan, China, Europe, and all of North and South America. He is highly regarded by all graphic designers who know him or have heard of him.

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KIM Jung Gi has a phenomenal recall; he can draw anything he sees without using a reference image. He doesn’t need to do any preliminary work because everything is planned out in his thoughts, whether he’s doing a short sketch on the edge of a table or a mural that is several feet long. He includes even the smallest things with great precision, which is mind-blowing. No matter the perspective, his illustrations are flawless, and he has excellent knowledge of both human and animal anatomy!

Kim Jung Gi Publications :

Young Jump magazine featured KIM Jung Gi’s debut article, Funny Funny. KIM Jung Gi, also known as KJG, began teaching manwha (Korean comic books) in colleges and private schools after publishing a number of short tales and participating in a number of exhibitions.

He illustrated the six volumes of Seung-Jin PARK’s TLT, Tiger the Long Tail, between 2008 and 2010. This story was originally published online as a “webtoon,” which explains the pages’ odd layout. Later, TLT was printed and released by CNC Revolution. The novels “Paradise” (published in 2010) and “Third Humanity,” both authored by the French novelist Bernard WERBER, were later illustrated by KIM Jung Gi (2013)

Six of KJG’s sketchbooks, released in 2007, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018, are now available. Together, they amount to around 4,000 pages of illustrations. In 2017, he collaborated with the renowned Japanese artist KATSUYA Terada to publish a stunning sketchbook that showcases their complementary enormous talents.

He has worked with renowned French cartoonist Jean-David Morvan twice: once on SpyGames (which was published in French in 2014 by Les Editions GlĂ©nat), and most recently on the illustrations for McCurry, NYC, 9/11 (which was published in both French and English in 2016 by Les Editions Dupuis and Caurette Editions, respectively).

Kim Jung GI Cause of Death 

Famous Korean novelist and artist Kim Jung Gi died at the age of 47. Just a few days before he was scheduled to participate in the New York Comic Con as an Artist’s Alley exhibitor, Gi passed away on October 4th from a heart attack.

The vibrant and meticulous illustrations of Kim Jung Gi were well-known, and his work had been displayed in galleries all around the world. He had been visiting a museum display in Paris just before he passed away.

Hyun Jin Kim, Gi’s spouse, and coworker, also shared the news of his demise on social media, writing: “It is with tremendous regret and a heavy heart that we inform you of the sudden passing of Kim Jung Gi.

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