Luke Stein Car Accident: NJ Volunteer Firefighter Charged with Intentionally Injuring

Five teenagers Luke Stein, a volunteer firefighter, is accused of purposely hitting a car with another vehicle just after midnight on Monday. What do you need to know about the vehicle accident involving Luke Stein, who he is, and the five teenagers fighting for their lives in the hospital? 

Stein is also accused of pursuing the kids at a high rate of speed while flashing his volunteer fireman emergency lights before slamming into the back of the car.

Who is Luke Stein? 

18-year-old Cresskill resident Luke Stein hails from Bergen County in New Jersey. He serves as an Alpine volunteer fireman. Stein competed in wrestling while attending Cresskill High School. He is 140 pounds and 5 feet 8 inches tall.

According to the data, Stein started volunteering as a fireman in Demarest in July and Alpine in February. He owned emergency lights and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Stein resided in Cresskill with his family.

According to records, the 140-pound, 5-foot-8 Stein enlisted as a volunteer fireman in Demarest and Alpine, respectively, in July. Stein attends the University of Colorado as well.

Theo Stein Detectives from the Fatal Accident Investigations Unit of Prosecutor Musella arrested Stein and filed various charges against him, including aggravated assault, for the high-speed pursuit with flashing emergency lights and impersonating a police officer.

Police at the University of Colorado in Boulder detained and then arrested Luke Stein after receiving a warrant for his arrest. He will continue to be detained in the Boulder County Jail while the extradition process to send him back to New Jersey is in progress.

The charges against him will be heard in Hackensack Superior Court. The injured teens are still alive in the hospital, but Elizabeth Rebein, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office, will only say that they are alive. 

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Luke Stein Car Accident:  

On Monday, October 10, 2022, soon after midnight, Alpine volunteer firefighter Luke Stein, 18, was charged with purposefully ramming a car full of youngsters close to the Montammy Golf Club. The five teenagers were gravely hurt when Stein jolted the car from behind, causing it to crash.

Stein had previously attended a home party where he learned that a buddy had been attacked. He then drove off in his Jeep Grand Cherokee with his companions. The emergency lights Stein had been using as a volunteer firefighter flashed.

He started after the Honda Pilot and struck it twice as they traveled down Alpine’s Route 9W. A witness who followed the two vehicles said that they were traveling at speeds of at least 100 mph.

Stein pulled into the golf club to continue locating the car after the Honda crashed in the trees. He eventually did leave, but while driving home, he was informed of an emergency. Stein immediately reported to the Alpine Fire/EMS command center and joined them as they departed toward the incident. 

Who are the Five Teens Injured by His Car Accident?

After hitting their Honda with his Jeep, Luke Stein caused the car to crash into some trees, leaving five adolescents with significant injuries. Ariana Grant, Lital Aburus, Jonathan Battaglia, Mikkel Leutgeb, and Kevin Trejos are the names of the teenagers.

While the other two have suffered significant injuries, two of them are severely injured. A fifth passenger is currently receiving critical treatment. According to reports, their injuries from the collision are being treated, and their conditions are stable.

Despite suffering severe injuries, Kevin Trejos got out of the car and dialed 911 to assist his buddies in escaping. He is credited with saving the lives of the other four teenagers.

Ariana Grant’s injuries include a badly lacerated scalp, broken lips, punctured lungs. Shattered neck and spine vertebrae, a broken arm, and a broken ankle. In addition to having a shattered leg, many fractures, a gash on his skull. And brain bleeding, Jonathan Battaglia also has punctured lungs.

While Lital Aburus required a 7-hour operation to repair her broken arm, back, mouth, teeth, and palate, Mikkel Leutgeb has a fractured lumbar, a broken leg, and a facial injury.

The Hackensack University Medical Centre accepts all of them. We’ll update you on their situation. To generate money for their medical care, a GoFundMe page has been created.

At the time of writing, the incident’s cause is unknown. According to reports, Luke Stein was unfamiliar with the injured teenagers. 

This story is still developing. We’ll inform you of any new updates.

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