Motorcyclist Luke Pruitt Dies at the Age of 19: Check Now 

Luke Pruitt, a student, was died in a horrific motorcycle accident on Tuesday. When the morning accident occurred, the biker from Glendora was on his bike. Continue reading to learn how Luke Pruitt passed away, how the accident occurred, and what caused his passing.

In the impacted region, the police have established a crime scene, and they are now investigating what caused the collision. Charges have not yet been brought. 

In the impacted region, the police have established a crime scene, and they are now investigating what caused the collision. Charges have not yet been brought.

Luke Pruitt

Who was Luke Pruitt? 

Luke Pruitt, who was born in 2003, lived in Claremont, California. He attended Cirus College in Glendora as a sophomore. The football squad at Citrus College was captained by Pruitt. The man killed in a motorbike accident on October 4 in Glendora has been identified as a 19-year-old youth. In a heartbreaking post, the college announced the devastating news of his passing.

Luke Pruitt dead in a Motorcycle Crash

On Tuesday, October 4, 2022, at 11:22 AM, a tragic motorcycle accident involving 19-year-old Luke Pruitt occurred near the intersection of Mauna Loa Avenue and Grand Avenue. At the scene of the collision, EMS and the police showed up.

First responders arrived and pronounced Pruitt dead there and then. To ascertain the precise cause of his demise, his body was submitted for an autopsy.

A U-turn by an SUV driver at a junction happened when Pruitt was traveling along Grand Avenue on a motorcycle, according to the report. Pruitt was flung off the bike and died on the spot after the two vehicles collided.

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The SUV’s driver escaped the collision unharmed. The cops have not revealed his identity.

Police Investigation of Motorcycle Crash 

Luke Pruitt, a student at Citrus College, was killed in the collision, which Glendora police are currently looking into. Pruitt’s body has been taken to the coroner, and a crime scene has been prepared. Charges, though, have not yet been brought. Pruitt’s accident is another instance of a young life being lost tragically. Recently, there have been an alarmingly high number of accidents in California, resulting in 3,582 collisions and 3,904 fatalities. Luke Pruitt’s accident is currently being investigated by the police.

Condolence for demise :

Luke Pruitt’s friends, family, and co-workers mourn on Twitter. They tweet about his demise by writing so many heartbreaking messages. His Sudden demise shocked everyone. Our condolences are with him and his family. 

Our hearts are aching after hearing the news that one of our student-athletes passed yesterday. Luke Pruitt was a sophomore at Citrus and a captain for Citrus Football. We send our thoughts and prayers to the Pruitt family, Luke’s friends and teammates, and the entire community,” states the first tweet from the college.

A second Tweet from the college states:

“It’s with heavy hearts we announce the passing of our brother Luke Pruitt. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to Luke’s family, friends, teammates and so many others who have been a part of his life. We’ll always remember Luke and his major impact on all of us at Citrus.

Other students, staff, faculty, and people close to Pruitt joined in and paid respect to the late Claremont teenager. Everyone is Sad about this news. We are collecting more information about him and his family. So you can update this page for more updates. We are in conversation with his close ones. Let’s see what information we can gather from them. Till then everyone Keep Safe and Healthy! Keep Smiling ! s

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