Musician Lady Grace Dies & Ronald Alimpa In Critical Stage

According to sad reports, Lady Grace was killed in a car accident last night on Semuto Road while she was returning from a concert.

Other others, including Ragga Fire the manager, and Alimpa Ronald (Lusuku lwa cement), are in critical condition. According to reports, Alimpa Ronald’s legs shattered and he is currently being treated in a hospital. Laira, one of Lady Grace’s songs, is well known.

Who was Lady Grace?

Lady Grace was a well-known musician from Uganda. She was well known for her distinctive musical style, which merged pop music with traditional African rhythms. Lady Grace was raised in Kampala, Uganda, where she was born in the early 1990s. She was raised by her parents in the Kampala area.

Although her educational history is unclear, it is believed that she stopped attending school at the secondary level and began pursuing a career in music.

She was renowned for her humanitarian activities and has been involved in several initiatives to better the lives of Ugandans. Her passing leaves a massive hole in the music industry, and her many followers will miss her dearly.

Lady Grace had only one kid and was not married at the time of her passing. She has been dating in secret, but she still does not have a known husband.

Lady Grace  Ronald Alimpa

Lady Grace Music Career :

 She entered the music industry more than five years ago and has made a name for herself in Uganda’s music scene. Here are some of singer Lady Grace’s tracks i.e. Kansonsomolera, Bimwamwamwa, Ndayila, Abagenyi Bakulinze, and stress.

She began at the Yusuf Foundation, where Mr. Yusuf first recognized her as a gifted singer. Later, he took over as her manager and paid for her very first recording sessions at DMS Records, where she cut songs like Abawalampa Abantu and others.

Even more so, Lady Grace collaborated on a few projects with the iconic artist Harriet Kisakye, and it was through this that she gained the confidence to dominate the music business the way she did. Up until her passing, she was still firmly hanging onto her position.

Jailbreak Fire Stick

Despite having worked in the music industry for some time, Lady Grace’s net worth is only assessed at $30,000.

How did she die? What happened to her?

A terrible catastrophe occurred early on September 28th in Semuto, Nakaseke district, central Uganda. Grace, a musician named Ronald Alimpa, was in the same car as Grace when the accident happened. The event was recorded on camera, which witnesses then uploaded online and is currently playing.

Lady Grace’s lifeless body is seen inside the automobile in the footage. The police have been informed and are looking into the situation. Many individuals have been startled and grieved by this unfortunate tragedy, particularly those who knew Lady Gaga and Ronald Alimpa. During this trying time, our prayers and thoughts are with their families and loved ones.

Ronaldo Alimpa :

Ronald Alimpa, a skilled musician from Uganda who both writes songs and plays instruments, became well-known for his hit song “Seen Don.” Because of the lines he used in the Seen Don song, the majority of his fans dubbed him “Olusuku Lwa Cement.”

In the Masaka District, Ronald Alimpa, also known as Lusuku lwa sementi, was born in 1994. Along with his siblings, he grew up in this area. When he was a teenager, he swept into Kampala and began to hustle.

His Music Career :

Alimpa Ronald The vocalist of Seen Don Lusuku lwa sementi began his professional music career in 2018. Then, in 2019, he launched his debut single, titled Abaafuna, which Spice Diana remixed in March of the following year. I can confirm that Ronald Alimpa was introduced to the Ugandan music scene in 2020 because of this song.

He was employed as a tax conductor before entering the music industry, a position he would eventually leave. Ronald has so far put out 17 songs under his name.

He has worked with some of Uganda’s best performing artists, who later praised him for his talent and versatility as a singer. Despite being involved in numerous disputes over song piracy, he has continued to make excellent music.

Car Accident of Ronaldo Alimpa :

Two innocent victims were left with critical injuries after a tragic vehicle collision. Both Mrs. Grace and Laga Fire were taken by ambulance to the hospital after suffering significant injuries, including broken limbs. Sadly, the injuries he sustained caused Lady Grace to pass away.

The other casualty, Ronald Alimpa, is presently in critical condition. The public has expressed alarm over Uganda’s rising road accident rate. There must be action taken to solve this expanding issue.

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