Ryan Taylor: Slim’s opponent Stats, Boxing Record, Odds Analysis

Ryan Taylor, a well-known BMX rider and freestyler, is well-known on social media. Ryan Taylor has been chronicling his trips and BMX escapades on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel had 2.36 million subscribers as of 2022.

Who is Ryan Taylor? 

Ryan Taylor was born in London, England, and was reared in Walsall, West Midlands. While residing in Greenville, North Carolina, he made numerous movies in the backyard of legendary American BMX rider David Michael Mirra. Ryan Taylor became one of the best park riders in the UK as soon as he was 17 years old.

Among his best-known films are “Spending The Night In A Waterpark,” “24 Hour Overnight Challenge In Trampoline Park,” “BMX VS Waterpark!” (Down The Big Slides), “In And Out Challenge” in London, and “Old Man BMX Rider Prank.” Electric Dirt Bike Riding is another. 

His content has been drawing more and more likes, views, and subscribers. He had been an employee of Hyper up till 2014. He has also received sponsorship from Triple 8, Rocker BMX, and manufacturers of mini BMXs.

Ryan Taylor

Ryan’s height and weight as of right now are unknown. His other physical characteristics, such as his chest size, hip size, belly size, and other proportions, are likewise unknown. But he has a powerful build and a gorgeous masculine profile. Ryan has greenish-blue eyes and dark hair.

Ryan Taylor’s Net Worth And Social Media 

Ryan Taylor maintains a high level of participation on a number of his social media platforms. He has 1.95 million YouTube subscribers and 458K Instagram followers. He has 43.1K Twitter followers in addition to 146K Facebook admirers. Ryan utilizes Snapchat as well.

Publications estimate his net worth to be $363K as of 2021. His primary source of income is YouTube. Similar to that, he has uploaded several films that, as of this writing, have over 180 million views. Additionally, his audience has been gradually growing month over month.

Physical brawl between Slim and Taylor 

It appears that it continued after the event was over too, as the two were involved in a violent altercation at a hotel. Ryan Taylor, a cheap shot thug, started following me as I turned to leave and yelled in my face, “Look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you,” although I was entirely unaware of him, according to 27-year-old Albaher’s statement on his YouTube website.

Then, while I’m still not establishing eye contact with Ryan Taylor or doing anything else, he gets so near to me that he just shoves me. “ I wasn’t expecting the abrupt, hard push he gave me, and I fell to the ground, asking, “What’s happening?”

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I was there with Adam Saleh, and he tried to step in. Professional Bellator MMA fighter Kane Mousah chokes him out when he steps in. By the throat, he grabs him and holds him down. Despite his frantic attempts to fend him off, Albaher claimed that he was helpless to stop him from putting a headlock on him.

I tried to entice him to stop, but he persisted. I didn’t mean to be aggressive in any manner. I truly did it because he was coming toward me and I wanted to keep him away. I was attempting to keep this professional. He comes at me from all sides, kicks me, and puts me in a headlock. And he does it forcefully. I attempted to free myself from the headlock by holding his arm, but he refused to give it up.

What channel is it on, and is live streaming an option?

Live coverage of Slim vs. Ryan Taylor will air on DAZN in the UK. Your monthly DAZN subscription, which costs £7.99, will include access to the fight. The DAZN app, which can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, allows you to live stream the action.

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