Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser Review 2022

A beer revolution is on its way. The Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser is all set for helping consumers get at beer at home with great variety. The idea of the company is the replacement of growlers’ doggie-bag-like cartridges which are air-tight in nature. We will share various details related to the Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser through this article today. Those who are thinking of buying a dispenser should read this article till the end.

The Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser will help to keep the drink fresh for a long time. Thus, it will help the consumers to enjoy the drink for a long time as compared to that in the case of the growler. In addition, it will be able to hold almost twice beer as much as a growler can hold. 

Note- This is not the official website of Synek Beer Dispenser. 
Synek Beer Dispenser Front Look
Synek Beer Dispenser Front Look

Synek Beer Dispenser Review 2022


  • Fresh beer is tapped.
  • The counter dispenser is sharp looking.
  • It is said to keep beer fresh for around 30 days.


  • The filling procedure is quite messy.
  • It is difficult to work with stiff tubing.
  • There is no way to find out the amount of beer present in the bag.

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Good Qualities:

  • The Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser is temperature controlled & carbonated, and a tall, foamy glass of beer can be poured very easily once everything is hooked up.
  • It is just like a mini kegerator that keeps the drink cold.
  • The bag where beer is stored is vacuum sealed.

Bad Qualities:

  • Finding such beers which can be used with Synek might be very tough and even impossible depending on the dwelling place of the consumer.
  • Synek requires a lot of effort while being set up. When the beer runs low, the valves might become finicky.
  • The Synek Counter Top Beer Dispenser might not actually keep beers fresh for a very long time as compared to a growler.
Advertisement of Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser
Advertisement of Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser

The Bottom Line:

  1. A large amount of beer can be stored in the Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser and can be used slowly according to one’s wish.
  2. The dispenser, however, is not yet ready for mass market.

Design and Features:

  • Three main components of the Synek Beer Countertop Dispenser are- a 20-ounce carbon dioxide canister, a refrigerated dispenser, and cartridges.
  • The dispenser is black & brushed silver. However, at $399 a bronze version of it is also available.
  • The measurement of the dispenser is 15.5 by 14.1 by 14.5 and thus does not occupy a large space.
  • It is possible to move to different rooms at just 27 pounds.
  • On the front, two vertical doors are there.
  • A faucet along with tap handle is present in larger door.
  • A control panel of 4.0 by 1.0 inches is present in the smaller door.
  • The control panel consists of temperature readout (digital), buttons for increasing & decreasing chamber’s inner temperature.
  • Also, toggling options between reading in Fahrenheit & Celsius is available in the control panel.
  • Around the back, there is the power cord.
  • On left behind door, there is the refrigerated chamber. It is the place where beer is stored.
  • A 10-inch tube is there connected to the tap. The cap used on tap, which is filled/dispensed through this tube.
  • A tube of 18 inch which leads to smaller chamber on right where the canister of carbon dioxide is there, is snaked via a small opening.
  • The tube’s one end get connected for filling the cap, whereas, the other is connected to the regulator of the carbon dioxide canister.
  • This helps in keeping bag pressurized without oxygen being used, which helps in supplying the charge of CO2 which is required for keg-fresh pour.
  • The similar process is there in Fizzics Beer System & NitroBrew (both available at $109.99 at Amazon). However, these electric pump & nitrogen for producing the draught effect.
  • Multiple bags of beer can be kept in the Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser at the same time.
  • The bags are recyclable.
  • However, it can be cleaned & reused if someone wants to do so.
  • Though, doing is this is not recommended as it might have an effect on the flavor of the drink.
  • The canister can be filled up at just $4 at any welding supply store or paintball.
  • Around 45 bags can be expected to be charged by each canister.
  • For a five pack, at $9.99 additional bags will be available.
  • Each extra fill caps will cost $14.99.
  • An additional $70 will be required to pony up if anyone wants to keep ready 5 bags of beer.
  • Few upgrades are upcoming including growler adapter & redesigned bag.

Installation and Performance:

  1. The tap needs to be attached along with the chilling compartment’s door, and then one end of the tube should be connected to it.
  2. The canister will then be required to get attached to regulator’s one end.
  3. The temperature should be set to 34 degree F.
  4. Then, the bag will be required to be taken to fill station (around 1500 fill stations are there). The fill stations include pubs, microbreweries & distributors.
  5. A fill kit is required further which contains 2 tubes, one of the tubes connects fill station’s & bag’s fill caps and the other connects carbon dioxide fitting of the bag.
  6. This tube prevents foam overflow by removing bag’s oxygen.
  7. While filling bag might feel rigid and it might be difficult to find out that whether the bag has been filled up properly or not.
  8. However, in the process gas occupies a large space in the bag which can be removed by refilling the carbon dioxide thus allowing gas to escape by busted o-ring.
  9. The tubing will become more pliable with time.
  10. The tap line of Synek can be cleaned by filling a bag with water & if preferable brewing sanitizer can also be used. Then, in a container, water should be run through the tap. 
  11. The cleaning should be done after each bag so that the taste of the drink can remain stagnant.

Some Other Important Information:

  1. The Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser can be ordered from official website of the company at $330. However, it is not yet been sold overseas but is expected to be sold overseas soon for £220 & AU$460.
  2. Along with dispenser, a Synek cap, an empty CO2 canister & 3 cartridges for opening the box are available.
  3. After set up, the taps work quite nicely.
  4. The product might be tough to use at first. Further, in various areas of US the range of beers which can be stored in it is quite limited.
  5. The dispenser is unable to keep beers fresh for a longer time.
synek beer dispenser Photo
synek beer dispenser Photo

The quest for beer:

  1. The task of filling the CO2 tank might be very complicated.
  2. It must be remembered that only an empty tank is sent by Synek which will be required to be filled up.
  3. According to the suggestion of the company, the tank can be filled up at any sporting goods store with industrial Carbon Dioxide.
  4. Finding beer is another problem which might be associated with
  5. The map appearing will locate some gold pins and some gray ones. Gold ones are such places where beer can be found and the gray pins indicate that beer might not necessarily at these places.
  6. A special fill kit is needed for pouring the drink in cartridge without touching air.
  7. Pouring using kit will increase shelf life of the drink.
  8. Akasha Brewing is only location in Louisville which is participating in it. On outskirts of the downtown, it is a new facility.
  9. For those who want to try new brewery, Akasha Brewing will be a perfect place.
  10. Akasha Brewing is a place on the website of Synek which contains a gold pin.
  11. Indianapolis was another brewery containing a gold pin. It had a distance of around 100 miles from the first mentioned place.
  12. Some bartenders of this place has idea about Synek though filling it up was an experiment for them too.

Tasting Disappointment:

  • The taste of beer has not been maintained in the Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser and the freshness is not as much as it is expected to be. However, according to some reports the taste actually stays good for about 30 days as mentioned by the company.
  • Further, if set up is not done very properly the tap might split up the beer all over in all directions. This can prove to be quite messy.
  • Thus, it is better to first check the set up properly by keeping the Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser in a garage or similar one rather than keeping in kitchen.
  • It can be kept in kitchen once the tap is checked for being properly set up.
  • On right panel, the temperature of Synek can be adjusted. However, temperature above 38 degree F or 3 degree Celsius is not recommended by the company.
  • When poured from tap’s correct end, the beer taste is good.
  • For refill, it is just required to pull handle.
  • Synek faced disappointment constantly over various blind taste tests’ course. The tests were done with 4 types of beers from 2 different breweries.
  • A bitter aftertaste was added by Synek once on Amber Ale in Indianapolis from TwoDeep Brewery. However, it occurred only once.
  • The beer tasted fresh for a day or two which was also in case of growler. 
  • The varieties a Gose & the Piper Cherrywood Smoked Porter which are from Akasha, the performance of Synek was found to be better as compared to growler.
  • The company promises a time limit of 30 days for keeping the drinks fresh, however, the result were quite different with the flavors being lost by the end of only a week.

Some other related information:

  1. Cross contamination is prevented well by the valves of Synek.
  2. Sometimes, the tap stops pouring beer even when a glass or two are still there.


  • Though having so many faults, it is a good idea to bring home such a product that will help to enjoy beer at any time it feels like.
  • Even for guests arriving without any notice, it is quite a good idea to be used.
  • However, some people do not recommend buying the product, when a kegerator can be bought for $300 to $400.
  • The promises done by the company will need more time to be fulfilled.

Score Breakdown:

  1. Features- 5
  2. Performance- 4
  3. Design- 6
  4. Usability- 4
  5. Overall Rating- 4.5


Fizzics beer system can be checked if one does not want to plunk down on the Synek Countertop Beer Dispenser. It delivers a thick creamy head and does not need carbon dioxide. However, only one growler can be held at a single time & thus the beer will not remain fresh or refrigerated for a good amount of time.

We hope that we were able to provide various necessary information which will help you to make a decision on whether to buy the product or not. You can also share your views about this article by commenting in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

For how many days does beer stay fresh in the dispenser?

The beer stays fully fresh in the dispenser for only a few days (even less than a week), which is much less when compared to the promise made by the company.

For how many days does beer stay fresh in the dispenser as said by the company?

According to what the company says, beer stays fresh in the dispenser for about 30 days.

Is it a good idea to buy the Synek dispenser?

It depends on the consumers’ needs and the pros and cons of the product along with various reviews that whether it should be bought or not.

Are there any better options available of the same kind as the dispenser?

Yes, there are some better options available of the same kind as the dispenser.
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