The Hidden Gems of OnlyFans: From Models to Rappers Making Millions

These days, anyone browsing social media probably have heard about OnlyFans, the latest sensation in the online world. With models, musicians, and even famous TV personalities turning to this platform for an extra chunk of change, we decided to take a dive into the biggest earners. And boy, was it a surprise.

At number 10 we got Mila Mondell. This British beauty pockets a nice $1.5m every month. With a fan base of 1.1 million folks, each shelling out $20, she really making her mark. And don’t forget her neat little discounts if you decide to be a long-term subscriber.

Dannii Harwood sits at 9th, also from Britain and matching Ms. Mondel in earnings. Then comes Safaree Samuels at 8th. This guy ain’t just a rapper and actor now, but he’s turned to more… intimate content, which apparently is something many wanna see. He’s getting nearly $2m a month!

You probably not heard of Gem101 at 7th place, but she’s doing something right. This OnlyFans account is banking $2.3 million monthly. And just above her? Pia Mia, a triple threat – actress, dancer, and singer – bringing in 2.22 million bucks monthly.

Erica Mena slides into 5th spot. From video vixen to OF sensation, she’s netting an eye-watering 4.49 million a month. And 4th place? The famous Mia Khalifa. With a whopping 22.7 million followers, Mia’s pulling in 6.42 million monthly. Talk about a change in career.

Number 3 might surprise you – it’s Cardi B! But don’t expect too much content. For a mere $4.99, you can see just six of her pics. But fame is what brings in the subscribers, not necessarily the content.

Coming in at 2nd, Bella Thorne. Hollywood’s darling turned OF’s golden girl. At just $9.99 per subscription, she’s got an army of 24.3 million fans contributing to her 11 million monthly income.

And at the top? Blac Chyna! Banking a phenomenal $20 million monthly. That’s not small beans for an American TV star and entrepreneur.

This is the world of OnlyFans. A mix of fame, content, and well, sheer numbers. Will you be the next to join in on the gold rush?

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